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Malta Lotteries
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In Malta, one can find different forms of lotteries organized by the Department of Public Lotto. There is the Traditional Lotto which is still very popular, the National Lottery, Tiritombla, and the Scratch Card Lotteries. Other organizations can request permission from the Department of Public Lotto to organize lotteries. Since Malta is a small Island, the variety of tickets issued is quite small when compared to other countries.

I have not been collecting lottery tickets for a long time but fortunately I have managed to acquire a reasonable amount of lottery tickets. I have also a selection of tickets from other countries.

If you collect lottery tickets or anything else, please contact me so that we can exchange items.

Best wishes,

Paul Xuereb

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If you are interested to know more about Malta, especially about the different forms of transport, as well as the types of tickets used, then please visit my other website: