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Transport Tickets From Malta
Other Forms Of Transport

Coaches, boats, karozzin...

The Helicopter Service


The helicopter service is operated by the Malta
Air Charter which is a subsidiary of the national air carrier Air Malta. The service operates on schedule between the Malta International Airport at Gudja and the Gozo Heliport at Xewkija.

The helicopter service is also used for sightseeing tours of the Maltese Islands.


Karozzin (Photo by Andreas Steinbach, 1994)

The following are some other forms of transport which are used in Malta. Most of them do not operate on a schedule.

*Coaches: (Total: 76)
*Mini buses (Total: 375)
*Chauffeur-driven cars (1400)
*Self-drive cars (Total: 3600)
*Taxis (Total: 200)
*Horse-drawn cabs (Karozzin) (Total: 82)
*Pleasure cruisers
*Small boats which mainly operate in Grand Harbour and Wied iz-Zurrieq.
*Helicopter service between Malta and Gozo
*Other forms

*Note the number of route buses which operate in Malta is 508.


Pleasure cruiser in Blue Lagoon Bay - Comino (Photo by Edward Clarke)

In Gozo, similar services operate but the numbers are smaller.

*Route buses/coaches (Total: 39)
*Mini buses (Total:18)
*Taxis (Total:50)
*Chauffeur-driven cars (Total: 43)
*Self drive cars (Total: 316)
*Pleasure boats