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Transport Tickets From Malta

Welcome to my site!

Hi, I am a collector from Malta. I collect all types of tickets from different countries, however, most of my collection comes from Malta. My collection includes transport tickets (e.g. bus, train, tram, ferry, etc...), entrance tickets (e.g. museums, stadiums, cinemas, etc...), lottery tickets and others.

This site is dedicated to transport tickets used in Malta. The collection includes bus tickets as well as ferry tickets used in the past as well as in current use. You can find more information about these forms of transport as well as about others in the relevant sections.

I would like to thank my many friends who help me to build my ticket collection.

Please note that in the near future more pages with more information and pictures will be added, so please visit the site from time to time.

I would like to thank my many friends who help me with my ticket collection. Please do not hestitat to send me an email if you want more information or want to contribute to the site in any way. I am also willing to exchange tickets.

Best wishes,

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Malta Buses
Photo by Alan Edwards (to see more go to links)

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